Quantum Computing Made Simple and Fun

The most tangible and engaging educational tool for teaching and learning quantum computing!


Building the Quantum Workforce of the Future!

The Qureka! Box is designed to introduce to high school and undergraduate students, as well as the general public, the fascinating world of quantum computing.

The box features interactive game-based hands-on teaching and learning tools in quantum computing promoting maximum engagement and interest while ensuring that nobody is left behind. The box provides a complete set of tools that minimizes the need for abstract imagination.

Exploring the Fascinating World of Quantum Computing.

Qureka! Box untangles quantum computing concepts through interactive game-based tools, generating “eureka” moments that enhance motivation and recall. Physical models like the Qubit and 3D Bloch sphere allow students to touch, interact and build, enabling a firm grasp of fundamental concepts such as spin, uncertainty, superposition, and state. The box immerses students in quantum phenomena through games, allowing visualization of states, gates, and circuits.

Games comparing classical computing and quantum computing highlight the benefits of quantum computing. The use of cards and a real quantum computer lab enables students to visualize and simulate quantum circuits, building real skills for quantum computing. In a fun and engaging way, Qureka! Box ensures students gain a good understanding of quantum computing.


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Teaching and Learning Quantum Computing Made Simple And Fun

Interactive methodology
Hands-on experience
Tangible tools

Step by Step Modular Learning


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