Zapata Computing announces new online training course available on QURECA’s Platform: Quantum Training for Enterprise

Zapata Computing is on a mission to deliver the first-mover quantum advantage to its enterprise customers. To help accelerate customers’ quantum capabilities, the company collaborated with QURECA to develop an introductory training course, “Quantum Training for Enterprise”.

Zapata Computing announces new online training course available on QURECA’s Platform: Quantum Training for Enterprise.

This course is meant for a diverse audience, including: CXOs, line of business leaders, entrepreneurs, data scientists, and quantum enthusiasts. The goal is to help them learn about quantum computing from scientific, engineering, and business perspectives while improving their ability to discuss quantum computing concepts within their organizations and with industry peers, suppliers, and customers.

Blending technical and practical use-cases that illuminate why companies should build their quantum capabilities, this online certification course delivers insights from Zapata’s business, scientific and engineering experts to help learners understand the current trends in quantum technologies — and what the future likely holds. Furthermore, participants will develop awareness regarding the strategies that can be implemented in their enterprise’s roadmap to quantum advantage. Finally, the course introduces Zapata’s unified software platform for building and deploying quantum-readyä applications at enterprise scale, Orquestra®.

All learners will benefit from the expertise of the Zapata team, who share a broad perspective for applying quantum computing on practical industrial use cases and highlight specific advances developed by the company’s science team.

There are no specific prerequisites, as the introductory modules are presented for a general audience that is familiar with typical computational challenges in the enterprise today. However, students will benefit from a basic understanding of concepts such as vectors and linear algebra.

Zapata’s customers have free access to the training; others can enroll directly on the QURECA platform for a fee of £1000 (~$US 1,361). [ME1]

For questions about the course content or Zapata in general, please send an email to

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About Zapata Computing

Zapata Computing, Inc. builds quantum-ready applications for enterprise on Orquestra, the computational workflow platform for quantum computing. Orquestra integrates best-in-class classical and quantum technology, including Zapata’sleading-edge algorithms, open-source libraries in Python, and more. Zapata ha sido pionero en nuevos métodos clásicos cuánticos en ML, optimización y simulación para maximizar el valor de los dispositivos cuánticos a corto plazo, y se asocia estrechamente con proveedores de hardware en todo el ecosistema cuántico, como Amazon, D-Wave, Google, Quantinuum, IBM, IonQ y Rigetti.

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About QURECA Ltd.

En 2019, la Royal Society describió a QURECA Ltd. como la compañía que “llena los vacíos en la comunidad cuántica existente, creando una sociedad lista para la cuántica a través de un lenguaje común”. QURECA proporciona una gama de servicios profesionales, desarrollo empresarial y la solución al cuello de botella de las habilidades cuánticas de la fuerza laboral: la primera plataforma en línea para capacitación y recursos cuánticos, para ayudar a las personas y empresas a ser parte de la revolución cuántica.

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