Online Training

Our online platform allows you to access high quality training courses.
No matter where you are in the world, QURECA wants to support you to develop your skills in the field of quantum technologies.

All our online training courses are CPD certified.

Qureka! Box

The Qureka! Box is designed to introduce to high school and undergraduate students, as well as the general public, the fascinating world of quantum computing.

The box features interactive game-based hands-on teaching and learning tools in quantum computing promoting maximum engagement and interest while ensuring that nobody is left behind. The box provides a complete set of tools that minimizes the need for abstract imagination.

Tailored Training

Our goal is to make you and your business quantum ready. Together with our expert partners, we develop a wide range of training programs.

Quantum Training

We can help you identify the best training path for quantum success.

Outreach Training

Excellent communication skills are key for public communication.

Quantum Careers

It can be difficult to find the best career opportunities in quantum, let us support you.


We can teach you all the skills necessary to succeed in your dream job.

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