Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme

Accelerating Quantum Investments

About the programme

The Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme is the world’s first programme as a major step forward to provide training and mentorship to prospective investors in quantum technologies. It is a unique opportunity for VCs, seasoned angel investors, or aspiring investors to evaluate the investment opportunities in the quantum technologies industry. The programme will give investors the opportunity to be part of the quantum ecosystem.

Why invest in Quantum?

Total market value for quantum technologies will grow to $3.2B in 2030 (17% CAGR).

Quantum technology private funding and investment activity surpassed $1.4 billion in 2021.

Programme Features

QURECA is dedicated in accelerating innovation in quantum technologies through connecting researchers and entrepreneurial talent with investors in bringing their ideas come to light, turning vision to action. QURECA's goal is to bridge the gap between the investors and quantum tech entrepreneurs. Therefore, QURECA have developed the Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme to educate prospective investors in quantum technologies, both at technological and investment level.

The investors will be provided training in the field of quantum technologies, mentorship by industry experts to evaluate and invest in the companies, and networking opportunity with the quantum leaders.


The programme will cover a 4-week online training session to educate investors about the rapidly changing world of quantum technologies


The prospective investors will be mentored by industry experts and investors who share best practices and lessons learned.


The programme will feature networking events for the investors to make a connection with leaders in quantum technologies..


Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme consists of training in 4 modules to help investors gain knowledge in quantum technologies.

Module 1

What is Quantum?

An introduction to the technology: quantum physical concepts and phenomena, the foundations and history.

Module 2

Quantum Ecosystem

Who is who in the quantum field? Where are the biggest investments? Identification of risks and opportunities.

Module 3

Basics of Quantum Computing

Hardware platforms, software solutions, examples of use cases and actual investment stories.

Module 4

Other Quantum Technologies

Quantum communication, quantum sensing, enabling technologies. How to identify success.

Pitch Competition

The Quantum Pitch Competition 2023 was hosted virtually on the 19 January 2023. Startups and investors from all areas of the world are encouraged to apply.


Participating investors will have the possibility to directly invest a minimum of $5,000 into one of the quantum startups participating in the pitch competition.

Quantum Companies

Quantum startups seeking investment will pitch and present their businesses and innovative product and services to investors with an interest in the field of quantum technologies.


How does it work?

Who should apply?

Individuals or companies/firms looking to invest in quantum technologies anywhere from the world.

We encourage female investors and those with diverse background to apply for the programme.

Eligibility & requirements

Registration will be open soon to apply for the programme with a non-refundable fee of $150.
The fee for the full-time programme is $5000 (payable when selected).
Support will be available during and after the programme.

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