Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme

The Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme is the world’s first programme as a major step forwards to provide training and mentorship to prospective investors in quantum technologies. It is a unique opportunity for VCs, seasoned angel investors, or aspiring investors to evaluate the investment opportunities in the quantum technologies industry. The programme will give investors the opportunity to be part of the quantum ecosystem. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for startups and businesses in the quantum industries to secure funding.

The Quantum Investor Mentorship Programme has three main components:

  1. Quantum training
  2. Networking with leading experts
  3. Pitch competition

Programme Objectives



The programme will feature networking events for investors to connect with leaders in quantum technologies working in start-ups or established corporations worlwide.

Mentoring by Industry Experts

Prospective investors will be mentored by industry experts and investors who will share best practices and lessons learned.

Training workshop

The programme will cover a 4-week online training session to educate investors about the rapidly changing world of quantum technologies.


Access to prospective investors

Through the programme, companies will network with the prospective investors to present their businesses and innovative product and services in quantum technologies.

Pitch Competition

Companies will compete in a pitch event for fundraising and investment from the investors. 

Building a Quantum Future

The investors are expected to invest £5k+ into at least one company selected during the pitch competition at the end of the programme, subject to due diligence.

Cohort 2022 – Project Timeline

Training Sessions

Module 1 – What is Quantum?

An introduction to the technology: quantum physical concepts and phenomena, the foundations and history.

Module 2 – The Quantum Ecosystem

Who is who in the quantum field? Where are the biggest investments? Identification of risks and opportunities.

Module 3 – Basics of Quantum Computing

Hardware platforms, software solutions, examples of use cases and actual investment stories.

Module 4 – Other Quantum technologies

Quantum communication, quantum sensing, enabling technologies.

How to identify success. 

Programme Investors

Programme Features
  • Training in quantum technologies
  • Networking with industry experts
  • Investment opportunities
Who should apply?

Individuals or companies/firms looking to invest in quantum technologies anywhere from the world.

Eligibility & Requirements
  • Register to apply for the programme with a non-refundable fee of ₤100. 
  • The fee for the full-time programme is £5000 (payable when selected). 
  • Support will be available during and after the programme.
  • We encourage female investors and those with diverse background to apply for the programme. 
How does it work?

Quantum Companies

We are seeking applications from a wide variety of quantum companies, including but not limited to:

  • Quantum Education and consultancy
  • Quantum Communication and Cryptography
  • Quantum Sensing and measurement
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Quantum computing hardware
  • Quantum computing software
  • Quantum Teleportation and Information Processing
How does it work?
More information can be found in the programme brochure, HERE!