Quantum Strategy for Business


This course will help you be ready to become a quantum leader for business, guiding organizations to successfully prepare for quantum technologies, driving innovation, and helping build a competitive advantage for businesses through quantum technologies.

Highlights of the course:

Quantum strategy refers to the process of deploying quantum computing, communication and cybersecurity systems and technologies in a controlled and efficient manner to help businesses become market leaders in their domain. This course guides you through this procees.

  • Offer a roadmap for students to integrate quantum technologies into their business for a competitive advantage.
  • Teach how to identify appropriate use cases for your business using quantum systems.
  • Instruct on selecting the most suitable hardware and software, developing necessary infrastructure and resources for deployment.
  • Provide guidance on planning for scalability, security, and integration with existing systems.
  • Guide you on training and educating the necessary personnel to operate and maintain quantum systems.
  • This course is AI-enhanced. The use of AI has accelerated and augmented the course development, creating even better learning experiences for our audience.
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QS4B Interest

Instructor - BRIAN LENAHAN

  • Author of Amazon Bestseller “Quantum Boost: Using Quantum Computing to Supercharge Your Business“, and six other published books on AI & Quantum Technologies.
  • Founder and Chair of the Quantum Strategy Institute whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies.
  • Active consultant working with companies to design unique quantum roadmaps.
  • ‘Top Strategy Voice’ – global expert recognition from LinkedIn.
  • Two consecutive years of ¨LinkedIn Quantum Top Voice¨ by Barcelona BQB – 2022 and 2023.