Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies harness the principles of quantum mechanics to build powerful tools for processing information. These are the technologies driven from engineering the individual quantum states.


Quantum Domains

Quantum Computing
Quantum Communication
Quantum Simulation
Quantum Sensing
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The Future is Quantum

As technologies that exploit the laws of quantum physics, they are capable of addressing some of the biggest challenges humanity faces in the digital era.

Drug Discovery

Process acceleration of finding the right drug by reducing the search space and time


Optimization of materials synthesis, characterization, assembly, and diagnostic in manufacturing to reduce material wastage and toxic emissions

Oil & Gas

Optimization of the allocation of resources to improve utilization & increase profitability

Financial Services

Unlock value for banks saving time, reducing costs & increasing upsides in reverse stress testing and portfolio optimization.


Optimize process for grid operator to meet its power demand with the optimal combination of energy sources such that it minimizes carbon emissions & costs


Hospitals support to increase the efficiency in surgical scheduling, thus reducing wait times, increasing throughput, and improving patient outcomes

Supply Chain

from inbound raw materials to outbound distribution, supply chain optimization results in higher transportation efficiency, better warehouse management, and higher accuracy and performance in logistics operations

Defence & Security

Adoption of quantum technologies for precision in sensing (including positioning, navigation and timing), secure communication and secure information for military defence and security.

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